Time for Online Marketing? Tips for Managing your Time Spent on Social Efforts

Time for Online MarketingOver the last year I’ve become an avid Twitter user. It’s become my number 1 social tool for finding out information, sharing new articles and also finding out who are the real influencers in my space – online marketing.

Because of that, I’ve been looped into several online conversations talking about time. Personal time, professional time and the value of time. It’s one of my favorite topics since I’ve always had a closely held belief that time is THE most valuable commodity any of us have. Family and friends being in a separate category, of course.

These are quick tips that I’ve implemented and shared with colleagues over the last few months. Some are tried and tested, and proven. Some are still in my own evaluation phase.

Tip #1: If you are going to do social and content marketing consistently, get a tablet. For 2 reasons:

      1. First because tablets and mobile devices are built for ease of use around apps and social. Every moment you save on the process increases the ROI.
      2. The second is segmentation of your efforts. Tablets (at least for me) are for something different then my laptop. Though I check email and look at the web on the tablet, I find that email, proposal writing, presentation development, CMS updates, are primarily on the laptop. The tablet is for fun, social and ‘on the go’ access.

Tip #2: Create an either or policy for WHEN you engage socially. For me, it’s in the a.m. and before bedtime, but also random other ‘waiting times’ throughout life – in line for a sandwich, at the bank, at a really long traffic light. Those are great times to glance and share something of interest.

Tip #3: Choose your main social media destination. And this will certainly change over time. But always have at the top of the list, ‘the place you spend most of your time’ or the place you are diving into to see if it’s of value for your organization.

Tip #4: If you have a team around you, have each of them own a single social media platform – but still maintain some presence on all of your target social sites. This allows individuals to become experts in a social platform and to share expertise when relevant.

Happy socialing and remember to find as much time for your own delights as possible. Hopefully at least 1 of these tips will help you out.

  1. Damien Swanson
    Damien Swanson06-30-2014

    The best part about this article is covering the physical partition that can be made for social and content marketing. Social media is instantaneous, and if you aren’t doing timed and scheduled posts only, this helps your influence and authority in your community grow by leaps and bounds. I liked this article and am passing it along.

    • Kristina Witmer
      Kristina Witmer06-30-2014

      Thanks for your comment. It’s amazing how content has evolved over the last few years.