Smart Content Marketing in 2015If you’ve spent any time around Rebecca you know she has classic one-liners! I’ve decided to start compiling them. Contact me here if you have something to add!

12-14-2015 “The blow your hair back financials will go here as a screen shot.”

11-18-2015 “He knows his shit but then does jackshit.”

11-9-2015 “I was able to call the baby ugly and still have a productive convo…”

8-11-2015 “well, blabber mouth Becca can distract you from that.”

4-23-2015 “She is fishing for something. My nickname for her is 411.”

3-18-2015 “She can’t even tell a logical lie.”

2-12-2015 “IQ will only get you coffee and a donut, buddy”

2-3-2015 “Remember when someone was playing ding dong ditch on you”

2-2-2015 “The goal is to have them smile with us, not laugh at us”

1-29-15 “Did you see where uber is delivering rescue puppies for a cuddle”

1-28-15 “People can be gross”

1-26-15 “Am I willing to wear hemp shoes? No, I’m not”

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