Marketing Automation Software

With the use of Digital Marketing Automation Software, we are able to

  • give our clients a way to generate more high-quality leads,
  • enable sales and measure the impact of all of their programs,
  • making for better experiences and successes.

Marketing automation offers powerful features built to increase & optimize your marketing efforts.

  • Keyword Marketing – Everything you need to research, focus and measure your keyword marketing program. Get keyword suggestions, understand which keywords drive the highest value leads and track your keyword ranking over time.
  • SEO Recommendations – We can analyze your current website and give you an actionable lists of things you can do to improve your SEO results. You also get page-by-page stats including views, inbound and outbound links, Facebook shares, Likes and clicks.
  • Landing Pages – The whole point of SEO is to make your company more discoverable online so you can be found by prospective buyers early in their research cycle.
  • Email Marketing – With email marketing software we can follow up with the contacts that show the most research activity after getting your email. We see and track all of this research activity. And pass it on to you to share with your sales reps so they can place a well-timed call into these active researchers and accelerate the deal.