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    Social Media Strategies for the Road Warrior

    Traveling for work is hard. Soy sauce on your last clean shirt with three days to go, a hotel room right next to the ice machine, and don’t even get me started on airport security. But, staying connected to social media while you’re away from …

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  • Planning your Next Event? Tips for your Social Media Strategy

    When it comes time to tell the world about your next big event, social media provides many low cost opportunities to get the word out there. And, like any aspect of event planning, having a social media strategy can help you be more successful as …

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  • Why should I do Online Marketing, Social Media or have a Blog?

    I still get asked this a lot. In fact, it’s very common for smaller business owners and not that uncommon for the mid size businesses. I blame this on the slight shift that happened when some businesses thought you could drop traditional advertising and just …

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  • Social Content … Then, Now and Ahead

    Remember way back when? That was about 30 years ago when content (social and otherwise) was disseminated very differently than it is now. Before the Internet, anything digital, social media, brand campaigns, email and websites, your choices for building your brand and refining your content …

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  • Time for Online Marketing? Tips for Managing your Time Spent on Social Efforts

    Over the last year I’ve become an avid Twitter user. It’s become my number 1 social tool for finding out information, sharing new articles and also finding out who are the real influencers in my space – online marketing. Because of that, I’ve been looped …

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