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  • Marketing Meeting

    Back to the Future of Marketing.

    Did We Ever Really Leave? While the evolution of marketing continues to reveal diverse iterations of how to best achieve our marketing objectives and win new business, the question is: have the core principles really changed that much? The basics of –   identifying our target …

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  • Marketing With Style

    “Marketing with Style: One Fashionista’s View on the Power of Digital Marketing”

    People ask me quite often, ‘why make the leap from fashion to digital marketing?’ when they don’t see the career connection, but for me it was simple. We live in a digital age. The consumer rules, and people want and expect the instant gratification that …

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  • Email Marketing Success

    A Secret Weapon for Screaming Successful Campaigns

    There’s an ugly trend in internet marketing called bounce rate. It messes with your conversion rate. The obvious goal then for internet marketers is to unbounce their marketing. Landing pages are designed to make your paid ads perform — to pay off. Email campaigns are …

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  • Google Adwords

    Changes to Google AdWords Makes a BIG Difference in your Advertising Strategy

    There has been a lot of hoopla around Google’s recent live presentation where they shared their plans for world dominance, er, I mean greater tools for you as marketers. The list includes amazing new tools with analytics and AdWords reporting, new features allowing segmented bidding …

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  • Great Idea 1 E1467245909898

    Is There Such a Thing as a New Idea?

    Maybe, but the jury is still out. Perhaps a twist on an old idea, although even great minds would agree that new, original, unique is fairly hard to nail down. “Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new …

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