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  • How to Reach International Success Online

    Given the term “international”, one might dream of taking a long sabbatical to visit unseen destinations all around the world. Cruising to a far off tropical paradise, flying off to ancient civilizations, going on a safari in a wild jungle, hiking across Europe — the …

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  • Geomarketing – Do you know where your next customer is?

    There are a lot of technical facets to location based marketing, aka Geomarketing. But the fact is that the technology exists and it’s growing rapidly in sophistication and availability. The bottom line is that it’s very possible to know where an individual is and serve …

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  • Travel

    Social Media Strategies for the Road Warrior

    Traveling for work is hard. Soy sauce on your last clean shirt with three days to go, a hotel room right next to the ice machine, and don’t even get me started on airport security. But, staying connected to social media while you’re away from …

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  • Banish the Hard Sell from Your Content Marketing

    Imagine walking up to a stranger on the street and engaging him with your well-rehearsed elevator speech about your product. He listens at first, rather stunned, then turns and simply walks away. That scenario is what you’re doing if you try to hard sell your …

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  • Marketing Attention Deficit

    In today’s world it’s quite common for people to note how fast things are moving, how many things in their life are competing for their attention and how difficult it is to stay focused on one thing for any relevant amount of time. Everyone pretty …

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