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  • Rise Above the Clutter: Why Quality Matters in Content Marketing

    Do you like junkmail? Email spam? How about robocalls? Especially the ones at dinner? Gotta love those, right? Wait, what? You don’t love junkmail? So, when you are putting together your social media messages, why would you put “junk” out into your social channels? Content …

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  • Is Content Marketing the Same as Content Strategy?

    Content marketing and content marketing strategy definitely interconnect, but they are not the same thing, contrary to what many people think. Content marketing describes the process of creating and sharing relevant brand information in hopes of engaging current consumers and attracting new ones. Content marketing …

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  • Conversation

    The Evolution of Conversation: The Impact of Social Media

    Conversation by definition:  The definition of conversation is the informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc., by spoken words; oral communication between persons; talk; colloquy; the ability to talk socially with others. We do it intuitively, as naturally as breathing. We don’t really think about it …

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  • Why You Shouldn’t use The Blind Man’s Bluff Approach to Hashtags

    In the old children’s game of Blind Man’s Bluff, a blindfolded player seeks the hiding players by feeling his way along or shouting out and hoping to hear a reply. Attracting attention on social media can be just as futile if you are not using …

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    5 WordPress Plugins That Will Give You A Major Boost In SEO

    Although WordPress is very SEO friendly in nature, there are still some excellent ways to increase your rankings by adding some plugins. We are going to be going over a few WordPress plugins that will give you a major boost in your SEO and increase …

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