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  • Drip Marketing

    Unite Sales and Marketing with a Drip of TLC

    Although the concept of drip marketing is commonly known among most marketers, it is often underutilized and a missed opportunity considering it is a powerful, proven way to unite sales and marketing. Here are a few of the ways you can implement this concept in …

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  • Drip Marketing Solution

    Don’t Let Drip Marketing Scare You

    At this point drip marketing is a common term among marketing professionals. And, there are numerous marketing automation tools that will support you in this process. Unfortunately, selecting the tool can be one of the easier parts. The real challenge often comes in creating the …

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  • Web Development Purpose E1467245460565

    What’s the Purpose of a Website?

    When discussing a pending web project or kicking off the discovery phase of a new website development effort it’s important to clearly understand the purpose your site will serve. This first step, understanding your site’s purpose, is so simple it’s often overlooked. Site development projects …

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  • Google Adwords

    Changes to Google AdWords Makes a BIG Difference in your Advertising Strategy

    There has been a lot of hoopla around Google’s recent live presentation where they shared their plans for world dominance, er, I mean greater tools for you as marketers. The list includes amazing new tools with analytics and AdWords reporting, new features allowing segmented bidding …

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  • 2016 Focus

    I subscribe to Chris Brogan’s emails and I’m almost always entertained with something that challenges the way I think and act. Something that pushes me to pause the daily grind and allow glimpses of the bigger picture to come into focus. For that, I am …

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