Marketing Team

Your marketing team will develop corporate marketing strategy to include social media planning, execution and engagement, content creation, search engine optimization. We also specialize in brand development, web design and holistic approaches to reach and energize your audience.

Kristina Witmer President

Kristina is energized by solving business challenges and always looks forward to any meeting that includes coffee.

Rebecca Wilson Marketing Director
Rebecca develops digital marketing strategy for clients and ensures that projects stay on task and resonate with the target audience.
Julia Gibson Managing Partner

Julia leads creative strategy and is permanently cut off caffeine due to her naturally high energy levels.

Lori Gordon Digital Project Manager

Lori manages website projects and keeps the entire team in line while still maintaining a smile.

Jane Shelton Content Developer

Jane creates multi-platform content and is a card carrying member of the Grammar Police.

Beki Marcum Social Media Coordinator

Beki manages social content and when she says call me, she of course means text me.

Matthew Lewis SEM & SEO Strategist

Matthew drives web conversion strategy and loves to draw out his ideas on the white board.

Andrea Kordic Digital Strategist

Andrea implements digital marketing strategies and is always in search of her next great outdoor adventure.